Pocket Tower

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At the beginning of the game you will find a small building of a couple of floors with the first inhabitants. Continue building right now! Open new floors and launch a variety of businesses. Hire employees and meet visitors. Make your skyscraper the most attractive place for guests! The elevator will take them to the floors of your skyscraper. Sell goods and services to make a profit - coins and bucks. Develop the skyscraper - open new shops, coffee shops, bars. Find the residents of the skyscraper a dream job. Now you are a real businessman! Don't stop at the development of one skyscraper! Create your own city, become the mayor and invite other players to your new metropolis. There is nothing more interesting than building a city together. Work hard and your city will become the best, and the profit will increase! Manage the city, participate in marathons and various game events and get additional bonuses. Hurry up to the game! Build your dream skyscraper!

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The main goal of the game is to build the tallest skyscraper. To do this, you need to: build new floors; arrange new employees for them; purchase, sell products and collect revenue. Develop your character, rise higher in the "Best" rating. For your variety in the game, communication, a forum and chat are provided. Meet, communicate, find interesting interlocutors. At the moment, the maximum number of floors is 145. Players unite in cities and jointly build city buildings to receive general bonuses and compete for places in the ratings.

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Inglise, Vene
Ekraani orientatsioon
20. juuli 2020
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