Stair Race 3D

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You have to compete in a big arena for who is best in building stairs against a variety of difficult enemies. In order to win, you have to pick up the stair planks and use them in order to build stairs and reach the next platform. But watch out! Enemies who have more planks collected than you can easily knock you over when you run into them, which will result in you losing all your collected planks. But of course it works the other way around as well, so try to collect as many planks as possible and knock over your enemies to gain a big advantage. Winning the rounds will not only give the pleasure of being the best player in the world, but also unlocks cool new skins for your character and planks. So are you ready to compete in the world's biggest stair building challenge?

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Move with the arrow keys or by dragging your finger over the screen and collect as many planks as possible to build your stairs. But beware, if your enemies have more planks on their back, they can ram you and make you lose all of your planks. But you can do the same to the enemy, so collect planks, ram you enemies, collect their planks and build even faster. You get coins for completing levels, which you can spend on cosmetics such as new skins for your character, or new hats, or even new appearances for your planks!

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Russian, Turkish, English
Ekraani orientatsioon
25. nov 2021
Cloud saves