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CrazyCars is a racing simulator in which you have to go through crazy challenges such as long jump, drift, high-altitude racing and others. - The game has more than 20 unique cars, both externally and in terms of characteristics - dozens of levels where you won't be bored.

Kuidas mängida

The game has several types of tests, each of which has 8 levels. 1) Long jump - you need to make a jump on a springboard and fly as far as possible without touching the ground. 2) Dangerous road - the road is located at a high altitude and sometimes has no boundaries, an unwary driver can fly off the track. 3) Drift - you need to put the car into a controlled skid, the faster the speed, the more drift points you will get. If, after a skid, you immediately go to another skid, then you will receive combo points that can double, triple, and even increase 10 times the number of points scored. 4) Make money - you need to perform different tricks and jumps for which money is awarded, the better the trick, the more money will be credited. For each level, stars are awarded, which allow you to unlock other tracks. Control: Keys w, a, s, d or arrow keys - move Mouse - rotate the camera Space - handbrake R - restart the machine Esc - bring up the menu

Mängu info

English, Turkish, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
1. dets 2021
Cloud saves