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Darts Loop is an arcade version of the famous offline Darts game. But unlike classic Darts, the player's task is to hit the rotating target! Moreover, the player will face with good and not too good bonuses, 999+ levels to complete, his skill progression to score the "stars" in this unusual version of the classic game.

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5 darts are given for the round. You must score a certain number of points in 5 shots to win the round. Points are earned by accurately hitting the target. The strength of the throw changes cyclically. Therefore, it is necessary to choose not only the right moment to throw, but also the moment when the target is in the right position in front of the player. The target is divided by 12 sections. Each section corresponds to a different number of points (they are written on the edge). A player gets +1 score when hits the edge, +25 score when hits the center and -1 score when missed the target. Control Click the dart to throw it to the rotating target. One tap on the dart to play on mobile devices. One mouse click on the dart or ENTER/SPACE key press on the keyboard to play on PC.

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English, Turkish, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
15. dets 2021
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