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The princess goes to Japan to study teenage kawaii style. The main range of the kawaii wardrobe is the traditional «touching» shades: pink, pale green, yellow, blue. Images of favorite anime characters are often used as prints. All kinds of bows, lace, frills are used as decorations, which mothers loved to supply their princesses with in childhood. Truly Japanese is considered to complement clothing with bright details. As for shoes, an unusual pair of shoes will fit perfectly into the kawaii style, whether it's sneakers on a wedge or platform, boots with thickened heels, sneakers or ballet flats are bright. The kawaii style is also characterized by an unusual hair color. And makeup is limited only by your imagination. There is no place for boring shades, only delicate tones and sparkles! Create your own unique kawaii image together with the princess!

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Create a unique image in a kawaii style for the main character of the game. To do this, you have to make a new stylish hairstyle for the heroine, apply the appropriate makeup, update the outfit and accessories. Depending on the gaming device, a click of a computer mouse or a simple touch on touch screens is used to control.

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Russian, Turkish, English
Ekraani orientatsioon
10. nov 2021
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