Pumpkin Carving

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Dry pumpkin carving is a common Halloween craft. This fall, together with the Princess, we will decorate our yard with pumpkins using the carving technique. With a knife and a spoon, take out the pulp of the pumpkin, trying to make the walls thinner, no more than 2 cm. Now we cut out the outline of the large details of the picture. It remains to install the pumpkin and put a candle inside. Just a fabulous glow and incredibly spectacular decoration! You will enjoy working with the carving technique so much that your yard will soon turn into a fabulous meadow. Although such a pumpkin can be installed indoors, taking care of fire safety. In this technique, you can work with any hard vegetables or fruits. Add fun details and witch accessories for the coolest pumpkin composition for Halloween. Don't forget to choose outfits for the Princess!

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Choose one of the pumpkins and decorate it in the carving technique for Halloween. Complete the composition with festive accessories and small decorations. Dress up the heroine in a suitable outfit. Depending on the gaming device, a click of a computer mouse or a simple touch on touch screens is used for control.

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23. okt 2021
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