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There is too much trash left on the construction site! Help workers clean it up by jumping on top of the crates that they will throw at you. Perhaps you could build the tallest tower, could you? Well, sometimes they mess things up and throw a TNT at you.. Oops! Happens I guess. There's a bigger issue as you get higher - birds. Watch out for them! But worry not because one of your friend came to help you and for a reasonable price he is willing to sell you some tools that will make your job easier and help you make an even bigger tower! How would you like a parachute for example that will save you from a fall once? Sounds good doesn't it? What about a boot (yes, only one) that will make you jump higher? There's a lot of interesting tools!

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So you job is to help to clean up the construction site by stacking towers of crates. Easy enough, right? Tap on the screen and time your jumps so that you land on top of a crate thrown at you. (You can also use the left mouse button or the spacebar on your keyboard) The game is endless and it ends when you miss a jump and a crate get smashed into you and sends you back down on the ground where you get back up and start a new tower. You will be paid with papers and stars for helping cleaning up the site. You can spend them in the game's shop to unlock new skins and fun upgrades. Have fun!

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English, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
16. nov 2021
Cloud saves