Gold of Gnomes Solitaire

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Dwarven Gold is a puzzle card game with thousands of different levels. Collect cards, solve problems, participate in Tournaments and become the best gold digger! đŸ€© Dwarves love gold, so in the game you have to earn coins by solving difficult problems. Features of the game: 1. Do not interrupt the series of captures to accumulate more stars 2. Use the stars to spin the wheel of fortune and get valuable prizes 3. Stuff the Piggy Bank with gold and get double the amount of gold! 4. Take part in tournaments! Become one of the top 3 players to increase your reward! 5. Increase your bid for a bigger reward for winning! Special cards: 1. The hat copies the top card of the deck, use it wisely! 2. Use the Joker card to take any card from the field 3. Arrows on the cards change the weight of the card every move 4. Colored jokers match all cards of the same color 5. If a bomb appears on the playing field, take this card from the field as soon as possible!

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Take a card from the playing field, one more or less than the open card of the deck. If there is no suitable move, draw a card from the additional deck. Collect all the cards from the board to win! Use Boosters: 1. If you took the wrong card, or took an extra card from the additional deck, use the undo move. 2. If the additional deck runs out of cards, draw a few more cards for coins. 3. Use the Joker card to win! Starting the game, you place a bet (its size is indicated under the "Play" button). For winning, you return the bet and receive a reward for the game. Where can I get coins? 1. Win the Wheel of Fortune 2. Open the Piggy Bank 3. Take for viewing the video in the store 4. Buy from store or special offers 5. Win Tournaments 6. Take the daily bonus Have a good game!

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Turkish, Russian, English
Ekraani orientatsioon
16. dets 2021
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