Mängu kohta

In the game you control a samurai goat whose task is to climb as high as possible up the wall. The game is endless and everything depends only on your reaction! Jump left and right, dodge obstacles and move higher and higher. The game has two indicators of your result - the distance traveled and the number of apples collected. How far can you go and how many apples will you collect? The game works on both computers and mobile devices.

Kuidas mängida

The goal of the game is to climb as high as possible by jumping left and right, simultaneously dodging obstacles. In the game you can collect apples during your ascent. For each apple you collect, you will receive game points! Your distance traveled will also be saved and recorded. Control on the computer and on mobile devices is carried out by clicking on the screen with the mouse and finger, respectively.

Mängu info

English, Turkish, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
24. okt 2021
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