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Go on a journey with our trolley. Imagine: you're driving through the desert, the sun is scorching all around, you're surrounded by cacti. The colors of the game will plunge you into autumn. The game is simple and relaxing. Help the trolley to drive forward. The trolley is carrying gold, so be careful đŸ„‡ Advantages: đŸ§© RELAXING GAME Calmly move the puzzle pieces and stack the rails. PLEASANT GAMEPLAY đŸ€“ Beautiful autumn colors, suitable music and smooth movements. A GAME FOR CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS đŸ‘§đŸ‘±â€â™€ïž The game is simple, but very interesting. The trolley will need the help of children and teenagers.

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The trolley carries a lot of gold. đŸ„‡ Your task in this simple puzzle is to build rails for the trolley. In fact, the game is similar to the movement of tag. You need to send the trolley on this journey so that the rails are built correctly. - control is carried out with your fingers on the mobile version and with the mouse on the computer 💆 - move blocks of tag and build rails - try to remove the dead-end blocks from the rails - move the blocks until a straight road is lined up - the trolley won't go until you build the rails on a single road Play and relax in our trolley game 🚃

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Russian, English, Turkish
Ekraani orientatsioon
1. dets 2021
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