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Our game 2048 3D Physics is a game that combines mathematics and physics in a very interesting format. Perfect for everyone, both children and adults, men and women. This game will entertain you and give you a good mood. Unlike many analogues in our game, we focused on the variety in the gameplay and developed for you such cubes as: - cube bomb - cube magnet - cube X2 - Cube aliens - Dead Zone Decrease Cube

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Features: -Realistic physics -Minimalistic yet colorful graphics -Different selection of auxiliary cubes How to play? Moving the cube left and right is done with the mouse. Left mouse button - throw the die forward Right mouse button - push forward and roll a die. Purpose of the game: collect as many points as possible without losing, collect cubes 2048 or more. If any cube is in the dead zone, then you will lose, but remember that with the required number of coins, you can buy SPECIAL auxiliary cubes, such as a bomb - such a cube will help you blow up dangerous blocks. We wish you good luck and pleasant emotions in our game - 2048 3D Physics

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6. okt 2021