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In the Super Tanks RPG game you have to play the role of a tank commander. You have a crew of two people, a driver, and a gunner under your command. Complete tasks, get experience points, and upgrade the skills of your crew. As the level increases, new hulls and turrets will be available for your tank, all with unique parameters! Features of the game: - 6 missions; - Arena mode; - 6 different types of enemies: * E100 is the simplest tank, it will just drive at you and occasionally shoot. * F200 is also not dangerous, but it will circle around you, so it's harder to get into it. * T300 - huge damage, but very little mobility, which is compensated by strong armor. * D200 - a safe, but very nimble tank, will dodge your projectiles! * A200 - tries to be cunning, hiding behind corners while recharging. * R100 is an improved version of the E100 tank. When the armor is damaged, it seeks shelter for repair.

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Control Tank movement - WASD. The shot is the left mouse button. Capture the target - right mouse button on the enemy. Laser - F To repair the armor, hold R Menu You can improve the parameters of your tank by changing its hull or turret (available after completing chapter 1). You can also improve the parameters of the driver and gunner of the gun (available after passing the prologue), in order to find out what the improvement points will give, hover the mouse cursor over the name of the improvement.

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Turkish, Russian, English
Ekraani orientatsioon
15. okt 2021
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