Where Are The Brains?

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Are you interested in puzzle games? Приветствуем Welcome to the puzzle game. Arrange a real brainstorming session and train your brains in our exciting brain development game 🧠 Here you need to be focused and attentive, because this is a game for attention, for memory, with it you will learn how to develop brains. Just don't complain later that your brain hurts, then you don't come to us! Brainstorming is going to be serious, so be patient and train your brains 💥 Advantages: A TRICKY PUZZLE 🤓 What do you want? To make everything easy? No! Our game will help you to move your brain. FASCINATING GAMEPLAY 💥 The game will seem easy and simple at first, but these puzzles will show who is more cunning. Use your brain! Good luck in brainstorming 🍀

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In our brain development game you will learn how to develop brains and understand what brains hurt 💥 Dive into the puzzle game for free. What should I do? - you need to guess from the question in the riddle what is going on ❓ - complete the task that is given in the level 🤔 - after performing the action, the level will be considered passed ✅ - remember that these riddles are a trick 🤓 LIFE HACK: if you don't know what to answer, you can see the hint 📩

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5. okt 2021