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Free mini games with animals for boys and girls Fun and intuitive mini-games for your kids đŸ€— Learn words in the category Animals, Birds, Fruits, Vegetable, Tree, and many more. It helps to learn new words in the game. Learning baby words is easy and entertaining now. Your child will love it! - match animals with right one - play with animals like cats, dogs, lions, pandas, and many more... - collect all animals in journal - play many mini-games with all animals! Play a Free educational game for toddlers aged 1 - 5 years from the series game “Kids Know Everything ” for Preschool and Kindergarten levels. The kid looks and listens sound of flashcards, animals, there is a fun game waiting for them, which tests how much they’ve understood. Regardless of the number of correct answers, the player earns stars and young talent is rewarded with thunderous applause and balloons! We create only simple, attractive, and addicting apps for your children. Kids play without your help.

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The game is simple to the point of banality, but interesting, which allows the child to learn new words very quickly and, most importantly, easily! All you need to do is just go into any catalog with animals you like and intuitively flipping through pictures that are not only visually understandable, but also additionally sounded with a pleasant voice and sound of the animal itself! As a bonus, the game has several types of mini-games. By playing in which you can fix the studied animals. And most importantly, there is a knowledge test mode. In which 4 random animals are displayed and you need to choose exactly the animal that the game wants. This will already make sure that all the animals have been studied by the child! Successful game!

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27. dets 2021
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