Coloring Book with Cartoons - Paint & Go

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Paint drawings, and watch cartoons! Paint according to the example or as you want, get badges and chests with rewards! * Drawings of different levels of difficulty. From simple to crazy! * The ability to paint in any colors and still pass the game and get badges and experience * More than 35 icons that can be obtained by completing simple tasks * Hourly free chests! How to play. The lazy way: 1. Choose any color and paint over the entire drawing 2. Watch a cartoon The"artist" method: 1. Select a drawing and click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, an example of this drawing will open 2. Use the brush to pick up as many colors as possible on the palette and remember 3. Close the example and paint from memory 4. Keep in mind, for using a magnifying glass -1 experience 5. The magic stick will help you find the wrong color and repaint the area to the right one. Using a stick +1 experience 6. To watch the cartoon, color the drawing completely and click on the"play" button

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English, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
28. aug 2021
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