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The theme and gameplay of this game are new, simple, and really fun. Players will take on the role of a wood carpenter, with many weapons and equipment to help them to complete the many tasks and challenges. Players can experience different roles in different game modes: completing quests will unlock many different game challenges and unlock hidden rewards as well as gold coins. The cartoon style and diverse gameplay will delight the players. Cool items will have special effects when wearing or using them so that players can get extra bonuses or enhanced skills. Enter and explore this huge and challenging world!

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The player slides his finger to control the character’s movements. When the character gets close to the trees, he will start chopping them. Chopping trees to collect wood is necessary to build your base and to upgrade your buildings. The wood can also be sold to obtain gold coins, which is necessary to improve your skills, to buy special items, etc. When he enters the battle zone, the player can build defense towers to resist the waves of enemies. All enemies must be defeated before passing to the next zone. When fighting against enemies, the player must pay attention to his own life bar. When this life bar is empty, this is game over.

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English, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
14. aug 2021
Cloud saves