Monster Duo: mahjong

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Discover a new addiction! *** FUN AND CASUAL *** Easy to learn and pleasurable game for all ages. Smooth effects for block puzzle game! *** TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS *** Original and unique Onet mechanics. Many levels full of fun and amazing challenges! *** COLLECT THEM ALL*** Find all the cute Monsters to complete the collections and revive Magic Trees. Many different creatures will help you enjoy the game. Monster Duo is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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How to play levels? • Find two identical tiles • Remove them if they can be connected with 3 or less straight lines. • Clear the game board How to get more scores? • The less time between matches, the more scores. • Pay attention to the score multiplier at the top of the screen How to get Coins? • Find them in the Chests that are given at levels (you should have at least 2 stars when finishing a level). • The more expensive the chest is, the more Coins are inside. How to get Keys? • Keys are restored in a while (max key count is 7). • Some chests also contain Keys. How to open new Monsters? • Open the chests that are sold for Coins.

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English, Russian
Ekraani orientatsioon
5. dets 2021
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